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On the Go – August 27, 2020

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August 27, 2020

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Delta Keeping Lavatories Clean (Source: Delta News Hub)
Delta Air Lines detailed the layers of protection that the airline has implemented to keep airplane lavatories clean and comfortable. Every interior surface in the aircraft is treated with electrostatic sprayers and personal and common cabin areas are wiped down with a high-grade disinfectant. Additionally, flight attendants frequently wipe down high-touch surfaces during each flight and many lavatories are equipped with hands-free features.

Alaska Airlines Introduces Touchless Travel Experience (Source: Alaska Airlines Blog)
Alaska Airlines says passengers can check in for flights and pre-order meals via mobile app, and print bag tags without touching the kiosk. These steps toward touchless travel are the latest measures in the airline’s multilayered approach to mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

Delta Doubles Cleaning Staff for Pre-Flight Pit Stops (Source: Reuters)
Delta Air Lines has doubled the staff dedicated to pre-flight cleaning to carry out enhanced sanitation procedures. “We’ve done quite a lot of change to our turn process,” said Mike Medeiros, head of the airline’s new Global Cleanliness division.

American Airlines Gets FDA Approval For Disinfectant That Lasts Seven Days (Source: Travelmarket Report)
American Airlines this week announced that it has scored emergency approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a new anti-microbial that is effective for up to seven days, the longest-lasting surface disinfectant ever approved by the EPA.

United Exec: Anti-Virus Initiatives “A New Way of Life” (Source: Houston Business Journals)
Rodney Cox, vice president of airport operations in Houston for United Airlines, says the airline has adjusted to meet the challenges from the coronavirus pandemic with cargo flights and initiatives to protect the health and wellbeing of customers and employees. Cox cited the airline’s touchless boarding process, mask requirement, employee temperature checks and electrostatic spraying as additional layers of protection.

Delta VP: Improving the Delta CareStandard (Source: The Atlanta Business Chronicle)
Mike Medeiros, who leads Delta’s new Global Cleanliness Division, says the airline is actively looking for new protocols and equipment to add to its arsenal of sanitation and safety initiatives. “We’re looking at everything,” he said. “If it’s proven to be safe and effective, and we can figure out how to use it on our aircraft or our facilities, our workspaces, we’re considering it.” Medeiros cites more than 100 changes made to the travel process, including sanitizing stations in gate areas, daily employee temperature checks and utilizing HEPA filters to generate hospital quality air on board.

Boeing’s UV Wand Technology Disinfects Cabins, Cockpits (Source: Reuters)
A hand-held wand being developed by Boeing uses ultraviolet light to kill viruses and bacteria. The wand is part of Boeing’s solutions for sanitizing aircraft surfaces.

5 Innovative Airline Initiatives to Ensure The Safety of Passengers and Crew (Source: Future Travel Experience)
Ranging from rapid COVID-19 testing for flight attendants and the use of UV-C light cleaning systems, to the introduction of specially trained ‘Wellness Ambassadors’, airlines are taking every step possible to protect passengers and workforce amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. FTE takes a look at how the likes of Delta, United, Iberia, JetBlue and Etihad Airways are embracing innovation to ensure the inflight experience is as safe as possible.

General Interest

Quarantine Advisory Lifted by CDC, With Exceptions (Source: TravelPulse)
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has dropped its mandate that travelers quarantine themselves for 14 days after visiting foreign countries or arriving in areas with a high occurrence of COVID-19. Posted without fanfare on the CDC’s website, the new policy does include advice to quarantine when visiting areas with a high number of COVID-19 cases, attending large gatherings or sailing on a cruise ship.


Miami International Airport Debuts New Scanners That Lets You Keep Electronics in Bags (Source: Travelmarket Report)
Some passengers travelling through security at Miami Airport will no longer be required to remove electronic devices from their carry-on bags. Seven computed tomography (CT) scanners have been installed at six TSA checkpoints at Miami International, allowing passengers traveling through those lanes to leave laptops and other electronic devices in their carry-on bags.


Sea-Tac Airport Boosts Circulation With New HVAC System (Source: KING-TV)
Sea-Tac International Airport is installing a new heating and air conditioning system with an eye toward improving circulation and boosting coronavirus prevention. “We want to make the inside air as much like the outside air as possible… Because it reduces the concentration of the potential virus,” said Mike Tasker, senior manager for facilities and infrastructure.

FAA Approves $2B NYC-LaGuardia Train Link (Source: WCBS-TV)
The Federal Aviation Administration has given an initial go-ahead for a $2 billion plan to build an elevated rail track in Queens, N.Y., to connect LaGuardia Airport with a Citi Field subway and train station. Construction could begin next summer once the project secures final environmental approval.

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