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Travel One Alert: Multiple Airline Bookings

By May 23, 2023No Comments
May 23, 2023

Multiple Airline Bookings

Effective June 1, 2023 Travel One will begin issuing separate reservations for tickets that contain multiple airlines.  Why is this change happening?  There are a few reasons surrounding this change:

  • Travel One is unable to upgrade seats when two or more airlines are in the same reservation.
  • Some airlines are unable to process refunds due to canceled flights when another airline is in the same reservation.
  • Some airlines do not allow the traveler to check in for their flight if there are multiple airlines in the same reservation.

Going forward, if you have a trip that contains multiple airlines, you will receive separate emails for each airline. 

This change only applies to reservations booked directly through an agent team member.  Reservations booked through an online booking tool can still contain multiple airlines.  However, those reservations may run into issues as outlined above.

Please contact your Travel One account manager if you have any questions.



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