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On the Go – February 27, 2020

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February 27, 2020

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Delta tests new passenger boarding process (Source: MSN)
Delta Air Lines is testing a new boarding system at its Atlanta hub that meters the number of passengers lining up at one time, effectively breaking them into more groups. 

St. Louis airport debuts CLEAR (Source: St. Louis Business Journal)
The CLEAR biometric identification program is now in use at St. Louis Lambert International Airport, making it the 34th airport to employ the technology.

To recline or not to recline: The flying public debates (Source: Forbes)
A viral video of a man punching a woman’s reclined seat has generated a lot of discussion among the flying public about whether it is OK to recline. 

United Airlines hikes baggage fees, just like JetBlue (Source: Houston Business Journal)
Certain credit card holders and elite status loyalty members will be able to avoid United Airlines’ $5 fee increases on checked baggage to $35 and $45. 

Which airlines have ceased flights to China? (Source: Reuters)
American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines, among others, have suspended all flights to China as coronavirus fears continue.


Miami airport employs advanced baggage tech (Source: Aviation Pros)
More than 100 Mobile Inspection Tables for checked bags have been installed at Miami International Airport, creating the largest automated guided vehicle airport industry application in the world.


Cambria Hotels expanding to more markets (Source: Hotel Interactive)
Choice Hotels’ upscale Cambria Hotels brand is halfway to its goal of 100 properties by 2023, the company’s Janis Cannon says.


Breaking down Real ID (Source: Vox)
Starting Oct. 1, Real ID-compliant identification will be required to fly within the US; a regular driver’s license no longer will be accepted at Transportation Security Administration checkpoints.

DHS: Real ID documents can be submitted electronically (Source: Forbes)
The Department of Homeland Security will allow states to accept documents for the Real ID application electronically to help meet the Oct. 1 deadline.

Travel Tips

How to Disinfect Your Plane Seat During Flu Season (Source: Smarter Travel)
There’s an easy way to keep your airplane seat from becoming a petri dish of squirming bacteria.

Survival techniques: Coping with airplane’s middle seat (Source: BuzzFeed)
Alexandra Napoli calls the middle seat on an airplane “the flying equivalent of being locked in an escape room with strangers who have no concept of personal space.”

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