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Travel One Value Add of The Month
January, 2013

Value Add of The Month: Unique Fulfillment of Online Reservations

Travel One agents are trained to go “above and beyond” to assist each and every customer.  At Travel One we support industry leading managed online booking tools, including Concur Travel and NuTravel.  These online booking tools give your employees control over their personal preferences (traveler profile), and allow them to make travel arrangements for themselves in a policy compliant manner.  They are straightforward and easy-to-use, but if travelers have questions or concerns they still have the ability to talk with an agent.

Reservations made through our managed online booking tools fall into queues in our reservation system.  Agents working these queues briefly review each reservation prior to sending them off to Quality Control – this is a significant difference from our competitors.  THIS PROCESS SAVES OUR CLIENTS MONEY! Below are a couple examples of how our agents found lower fares (or better options) then what the traveler chose for themselves.  This  is how Travel One’s agents go “above and beyond” to help ensure our clients have an excellent travel experience on the lowest fare possible.


Earlier this month, an agent pulled a Concur Travel reservation out of the queue that was pricing at $667.60.  The agent noticed a cheaper class of service opened up and re-priced the ticket at $258.60.  The agent emailed the client to tell them the exact same itinerary was now pricing with a savings of $407, the traveler consented to the update and was very happy with the savings!

In a different example, the agent noticed the traveler had an unused ticket on United but had booked a flight on US Airways (a code-share partner).  The agent priced the new itinerary on United instead of US Airways, so that the credit could be applied – the fare happened to be $10 cheaper.  The agent notified the traveler to make sure it was okay to make the change, then applied the credit to the price of the fare – with $51 left over, which she applied to the $150 change fee.  The traveler was still on the same flight, time, and even aircraft. The only difference was that instead of paying $373.20, she paid $99.20!!

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