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The value of a managed program far outweighs the cost
The Value of a Managed Program

Travel management is a specialized business function that balances employee needs with your company goals— financial or otherwise. A well managed travel program ensures cost tracking and control, traveler adherence to corporate policies, realizes savings through negotiated discounts, and serves as a valuable information center for employees and managers.

Financial Benefits Since the cost of travel is a corporation’s second or third largest controllable expense, having experienced travel management professionals manage and negotiate travel-related services provides measurable financial benefits to the corporation. In addition, monitoring and analyzing travel expenditures is essential for realizing cost-cutting opportunities.

Traveler Benefits While the monetary benefits of a managed travel program to a company’s bottom line are clear, there are also valuable strategic, non-monetary benefits that may be less visible. Travelers need a smooth, efficient travel process in order to reach a company’s business objectives. And during times of national, corporate, or personal crisis, it’s crucial to be able to reduce the risk to a company and its travelers through employee tracking and emergency assistance.

Why Choose Travel One?

While the majority of Travel One clients have been managing travel programs for years, it is not unusual for us to begin a business relationship with a company that is consolidating their travel program and just beginning to use a travel management company (TMC).   Our full-service approach, systems and training will result in a seamless, cost-effective transition.

Travel One Delivers:

  • Experienced agents that maximize our clients’ travel expenditure
  • Strict adherence to your corporate travel policies and relationships
  • Proven savings on international fares
  • The experience to prevent or address common and emergency issues
  • Reasonable fees for service and technology
  • Reports to demonstrate and verify cost savings and efficiencies
  • And perhaps most importantly, the personal touch of our professional agents and executive management

We provide program optimization. Travel One custom-designs our systems to adapt to our clients’ programs, and has the systems and checks in place to ensure the optimum benefits are achieved. We monitor client programs, search for opportunities, and suggest ways for further enhancement.

This process begins with the initial set-up, and includes Travel One staff training about the client’s policy and culture.  Additionally, it includes a roll-out campaign, traveler training, and providing ongoing updates.  We often conduct additional sessions to assist new employees or just to offer refresher courses.

Travel One believes in ongoing education.  We frequently host Client Education Forums that offer updates on the industry, our company, technology improvements, and more.  We often bring in outside speakers and subject matter experts to focus on a particular topic.

Travel One offers a number of consulting services — well beyond what one might expect from a managed travel services partner.  Among such services include:

  • Supplier contracting to give advice on and the actual negotiations to secure rates for ground transportation or accommodations
  • Travel policy development to create or update your company’s policies specific to travel and expense
  • Surveying your travelers for feedback on your travel program, preferred suppliers, or travel services

Upgrade to Travel One today!  We’re your destination for quality and value!